Ted Whitfield Catches the Essence of Comedy

Like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, Ted Whitfield brings laughs, wits, and stupidity to a sport – the sport of Wiffleball.  Whether one is familiar or not with this two person, plastic ball and bat sport, the humor that this film exudes will cramp your laughing muscles.

Set in a trailer park village, Ted is rising to the top quickly with the help of his best friend Willie “High-Sox”.  Breaking record after record and receiving paid sponsorship from the local manure manufacturer, Ted’s fame may just be getting the best of him.  He is on a mission to never be beaten, knocking down anyone in his path, even himself.
From attempting to break a plastic bat to resorting to selling plastic kid pools and talking to imaginary ghosts,  THE WIFFLER hits a home run with audiences worldwide.

Synopsis/ Trailer

The Wiffler: The Ted Whitfield Story takes place during the Major League Baseball strike in 1994, when the nation turned its eyes from America’s pastime sport, baseball, to professional wiffleball. The story follows the pursuit of Ted Whitfield, the greatest wiffleball player of all time and his attempt to break the home run record.



All Star Line-up

Ross Patterson (Garden Party, Accepted, The New Guy)

Joey Kern (Super Troopers, Cabin Fever, The Goods)
Christine Lakin (Race to Witch Mountain, “Step by Step”)
Alanna Ubach (Meet the Fockers, Waiting, Legally Blonde II)
Richard Grant (The Big Labowski, Nutty Professor II, Rocky V)
Andy Milder (“Weeds”, Frost/Nixon, Transformers)
Robert Shafer (”The Office“)
Richard Riehle (Office Space, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Halloween II)

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