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EFM 2010 Line-up

The Fallen

Several mercenaries and one faithless poacher seemingly join forces for a rescue mission and end up battling an immortal beast while realizing the dream of one man determined to find a treasure this beast is bound to protect.

Director: Rob Walker
Producer: Grant Cramer, Erik Anderson
Cast: Peter Stormare (Constantine, Armageddan, Chocolat, Minority Report), Dean Cain (Out of Time), Tito Ortiz (MMA Champion), Ralf Moeller (Gladiator, Scorpion King), Mark Dacascos (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Cradle 2 the Grave, Iron Chef Chairman)
Status: Development
Wiener Dog Nationals

After the loss of his wife, Phil Jack and his children adopt a runt of a dachshund from a shelter. Only time will tell if  little “Shelly” and her new family are up for the challenges of entering the nation’s greatest wiener dog race, Wienerschnitzel’s “Wiener Dog Nationals”.  One boy, one race, one wiener.  Love and Hope.

Producer: Patricia Gillium
Cast: TBD
Status: Development
The Wiffler: The Ted Whitfield Story

During the Major League Baseball strike of 1994, the nation turned its eyes to wiffleball icon Ted Whitfield, who attempts to break the home run record while battling vitamin abuse!

Director: Ross Patterson
Producer: Tommy Reid
Cast: Ross Patterson (The New Guy, Accepted), Joey Kern (The Goods, Cabin Fever), Christine Lakin (Race to Witch Mountain, “Step by Step”), Alanna Uback (Meet the Fockers, Legally Blond), Richard Grant (Daddy Day Camp, Rocky V)
Trailer: View

Status: Completed 2009

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf

A blind man seeks revenge against the psychopath who took away his sight and slaughtered his wife and daughter. Eight years after the massacre, the man has returned to the desert town, now a highly trained samurai swordsman ready to seek justice. But he doesn’t know there awaits seven assassins hired by his sworn enemy who want the bounty on his head. Set in nowhere, no time, this bloody modern day fable is a new age hybrid action film with a classic samurai essence and a spaghetti western spirit. This is “Sushi Western!”

Director: Kurando Mitsutake
Producer: Kurando Mitsutake
Cast: Kurando Mitsutake, Jeffrey James Lippold (Pretty/Handsome), Domiziano Arcangeli, Megan Hallin
Trailer: View
Status: Completed 2009
First Strike

A former expert in the U.S military’s top-secret psychic spy program races against the clock to stop an incurable, bio-engineered virus that could end civilization as we know it.

Director: Steven Bratter
Producer: Steven Bratter, Jason Frisch
Cast: Duane Daniels, Christian Letelier, Mette Holt, Francois Petit
Trailer: View

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