Company Denounces False Accusations in the ‘Nude Nuns’ Piracy Case

Universal City, CA – (April 5, 2011) Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTCBB: CMGR) (”Camelot”) announced today that the recent rumors circulating the web in regards to the NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS piracy case are untrue and unfounded.

Camelot Distribution Group (“CDG”), a subsidiary of Camelot Entertainment Group, is a legitimate worldwide distributor and sales agent, acquiring and distributing rights of film and television titles.  Camelot does not acquire titles just to sue infringers.

“For some reason illegal downloaders think they have the right to steal from these producers.  It’s really sad,” commented Jessica Kelly, CDG VP of Marketing and PR.  “These filmmakers put their heart and soul into a film, hoping to see distribution one day. Then pirates steal and distribute it for free across the web.  This needs to be stopped.  There’s a lawsuit moving forward to protect the producers.”

In 2009, CDG acquired the rights to sell NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS.  In November of 2010, the picture was released in Scandinavia and immediately pirated, becoming the top illegally downloaded film in the world.  At that point, Camelot hired GuardaLey and Scott Hervey.  Hervey only represents Camelot in this legal matter.

“Bloggers and journalists need to get their facts straight.  They seem to be confusing and intertwining two legal matters,” stated Kelly.  “We’ve been going after these illegal downloaders since 2010.  We have the rights to ‘NUDE NUNS,’ and any representation to the contrary is false.“

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