Family Film Kickstarter Campaign Begins March 1st

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – (March 1, 2012) Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTC: CMGR) (”Camelot”) announced today that Camelot Distribution Group’s title WIENER DOG NATIONALS, to be produced by Fromage Pictures, has opened its Kickstarter Campaign today, March 1, and will go through April 1, 2012.  The campaign’s goal is to raise $50,000 from donors towards the production of the film, by reaching out to their network of “barkers.” “Barkers” is a term that reflects the dog lovers backing the project.

Pet lovers and fans of the project can log onto Kickstarter and donate towards the funding of the film.  For a ten dollar donation, the producer offers a “Special Thanks” in the end credits of the film.  Pets can also earn one of either a “Special Barks” or “Special Pets” credit.  In addition, contributors may visit the set for a day, have their dog featured in the movie, receive a walk on role with a speaking line, or have their dog run in the final dramatic race.

“We are relying on the fans of these races and the film, as well as dog lovers all over the world to help us realize this vision,” says writer/director Kevan Peterson.  “This is a film that uses the races as a dramatic backdrop for all that is important in these character’s lives, while still providing lots of fun and laughs along the way.”

“Camelot is really excited to work with independent filmmakers in creative ways that expands the Internet exposure, letting more people know about our projects. Kickstarter is another tool that can help bring awareness and help to build a following and anticipation for a film’s release,” comments Jessica Kelly, Co-President of CDG.

WIENER DOG NATIONALS is a family friendly live action film about a family that unites when their newly adopted dachshund races for the championship title. With marketing support from hotdog chain Wienerschitzel, the film originates from the actual Weiner Nationals dachshund races held every year all over the country.

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    I Love It!!!! This tells me Camelot is on the move no matter how big or small.

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